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About The Market

K-Pop Market is honored to open for its third branch around the nation.Knowing that Provo is very popular city for many college students, we have decided to locate one of the three branches here in Provo, Utah. Opening another Korean market will help students, and other civilians too, to get closer to what kind of music the Koreans listen to. Feel free to come and see it yourself.

korean girl group
Korean Girl Group

Visit the store right when it opens and you'll be gladly for all of the surprises and exciting things they have in the store.

Here is what Janine from the other store said to us.

"I was very pleased to all the Korean goods they had in the store. I used to always buy my Korean products online, but now that they actually have a store in the in U.S. I was so happy! Definitely, telling all my friends about this awesome Korean store! So, that they could also enjoy shopping. I really wished that the store could spread around our country"

We can't wait to see you.



Camille Hall
Market Manager

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